2020 Tokyo Olympics Japanese waste plastic measures


Japan will hold 2020 summer Olympic Games in almost 3 years.

How Japan will deal with the issues of environmental protection against the plastic waste?

Let us talk about the news and other information related and expected near future situation.
■Hiring hydrogen for automobiles
We expect hiring hydrogen for commuting vehicles between athlete village and the athlete stadium in stead of gasoline fueled vehicles as a typical example of environment protection.

As a benefit of hydrogen vehicles, no emission of carbon dioxide is expected which is an ideal technology to prevent the earth warming.

However, as of today there are still drawbacks and technical innovation and development by automobile manufacturers are required.
■Expected problems of plastic wastes generated by spectators
This is the area we can offer our technology to address the issue as a manufacturer  of plastic to oil converting machine.

Many visitors from overseas and domestic Japanese spectators are expected to Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.
Especially in hot summer weather in Japan, drinks consumption at stadiums served with paper and plastic cups and pet bottles will increase significantly.

All the wastes during the period will be either incinerated or treated with plastic to oil machine of our company.

In order to make Olympic Games successful, the cooperation by spectators to the games in making wastes segregation is indispensable.
■Plastic waste segregation as a custom in social life
When we make travel abroad outside Japan, we are surprised with variation of different culture or customs.

Same experience you may have during your first visit to Japan.

Apart from such culture difference, the plastic waste is common environment problem issue throughout world whichever country you may live.

If, in your country, there is no custom of segregation of waste plastics, we hope your experience in Japan would promote such custom.
■We are also interested in knowing about what you are doing to deal with waste plastic issues in your country.

There might be a specifically good way or custom in your country which other country people don’t know.

We hope Tokyo Olympic Games might offer a chance to exchange consideration about the waste plastics issues to build brighter comfortable future!