Cost reduction of recycling the waste plastic



As a manufacturer of waste plastic recycling system, we would like to tell about how to reduce your cost of recycling plastics.

The cost reduction will lead to your compliance to the environment control issue.

Generally speaking PET drink  bottle and food packaging material are the major source of plastic waste all over the world.

Those plastics material quickly replaced the position of metal cans or glass bottles due to its lightness in weight, strength, economic and easiness to mold.

In order to reduce the environmental problem arisen from the use of plastic, some countries recommend to use cans and glass bottles again or heavier plastic bottles to reuse.
But those reuse in cycle will cost more fuel again to transport and emission of carbon dioxide.

It is not easy to give the correct answer to those questions regarding the waste recycling including plastic and maintaining the convenient modern life.

Compatibility of environmental compliance, economy and convenience

In any society in order to realize the compatibility of above factors manufacturer, municipal office and recycling business each are making their effort individually. But well organized cooperation will be required to address the waste plastic problems including food industries, commodity daily products manufacturers.

Our system of recycling plastics into oil uses less energy than incinerating and emission of carbon dioxide will be reduced significantly which will be more compatible with environment compliance.

Regarding to the less cost plastic disposal agenda, the key factor is segregation of waste at the point waste generating point ( most waste garbage is produced in individual home or company facility).

Our system recycles PP and PE respectively, therefore segregation of material is critical to operate smooth recycling operation.
Take example with drinking PET bottle it is consists of 3 parts, bottle (PET), cap(PE), shrink label (PP). Therefore PET drinking bottles are 100 % recyclable to recycled PET resin (used as textile fiber) and oil (from PP/PE) to fuel the power generator.

In any recycling material they need to be washed clean so that recycling process can be made smoothly and high purity products (PET resin or recycled oil) without contaminant.

When we make demonstration at environment education class, we tell the people the importance of the segregation.

It is inevitable to avoid the production of waste plastics from the modern life of today.
Once those waste plastics are disposed out of the recycling process it will remain almost forever as littered garbage in your environment and someday the ocean might be filled with such garbage.

If the individual person or business organization tries to make segregation at the point the dispose (when wastes are generated), the cost for recycling and cleaning environment will be significantly less than current situation.
Also it is important for packaging manufacturer to mark those materials kind so that consumers (even children) can tell what material used and easily segregate.

Segregation is the first step to waste materials used in daily life and can produce even money just as seen in such material as paper, cardboard, glass bottles, tin, aluminum bottle in recycling business.