Education of plastic waste problem

04 - 3

waste plastic to oil converter has been coordinating with iEARN to educate the students and teachers through their global activity on internet.


coordinating with iEARN we make education to children on how the plastic wastes give   side effect on environment of earth and how we challenge to help solving the issues with our technology of converting waste plastics into oil. Not only wevgive education to children, we also can listen to what children think on this problem.


The iEARN consists of more than 2 million students and 30,000 teachers to make cooperation to solve the global social problem issues.


Also we make effort to broaden communication with overseas students visiting Japan through the JEARN, the Japanese division of iEARN, giving lectures on our approach to environmental issues through developing and manufacturing the system of converting waste plastics into oil.


The reaction from those students and interest in waste plastic management indicates very promising future in addressing the waste plastic problems we have today.


There are many different countries such as rich or poor, developed or underdeveloped countries.

Whichever countries they are from, after having learned about our system, they seemed to be determined to commit themselves in making clean environment in their own countries.


Fundamentally the issue of waste plastic must be addressed and solved by those grownup with whole nation as a legacy to their children and generations after.


But conditions are not so favorable to environment because of so many issues to be solved or by the reason of economy or vested interest conflicts.


in Japan when their economy grew rapidly by seeking to gain material abundant life and richness faced with overlooked environmental issues such as air, water and soil pollution which affected much with individual health and following law suits to compensate those who suffered.


One of such material caused those issues was petrochemical products.


Petrochemical products are easy to make but hard to decompose with the technical level at that time thus resulting in polluting land, river and ocean.


As a result Japan became the worst environment contaminated country during rapid economic growing.


Japan now addressing the environment maintenance as first priority consideration for the national challenge.


We also commit ourselves to contribute to the global ecology challenge through vending and developing the technology of the system to convert waste plastics to oil.


We most welcome the contact from the leaders in overseas nations, companies and municipal government people in charge of environment management.


It will be our pleasure if we could help to make environmental project through our system of plastic conversion to oil.