Be-h, the smallest plastic-to-oil converter made in Japan



Most people would imagine a huge size plant facility when talking about oil producing machine from waste plastic material.

Blest Co.,Ltd, the leading manufacturer of waste plastic to oil converter machine in Japan offers ultra compact plastic to oil converting machine, Be-h.


Japan, a nation with highly condensed population in small LAN area. In such small land most big plant facility is mostly owned by big companies.

In such country, the garbage disposal from each domestic homes or local community is a keen issue to be managed.

Recycling the waste plastics into oil and the reuse of the oil will contribute much to the maintenance of the environment managing and healthier life preventing the wasting of limited resource.


In order to make the total nation recognition of the benefit of recycling or reuse, it is most important to educate people since their childhood.

When Japan economy was in rapid growth, the nation paid their most effort to expand the production and neglected on recycling or reuse, thus developed the new products depending upon the crude oil totally supplied from overseas.


Resulted from such industrialization, the pollution of environment and the warning has been on air caused by air pollutant photo chemical smog also produced many patients suffered from pollution oriented disease.

Such patients are still suffering from after effects of the pollutions.


We are concerned about the environment situation in those countries the industrialization is under development.

We are concerned about your environment with garbage plastics floating on your river or seashore, and the bad smelling fumes from smoke which once Japan’s industrialization experienced.


The adults engaged in those industrialization can make profit through business but how about the health of your children?

Let us introduce our micro size plastic to oil converter, Be-h can be used to demonstrate as environment education in your school and public facility or even can be used as small community recycling equipment.

Those who has interest in the recycling with waste plastic to oil conversion system can use the Be-h as your laboratory test machine to research the feasibility of introducing the industrial size machine for your company and community.


In those countries whose government support the environment sustainability might encourage your application for the grant after your consultation with the data taken from our laboratory machine.

Our home page has more useful articles introducing the Be-h on actual operation and the demonstration at schools.

We might help your consultation on how to carry out the operation demonstration on educational site.


Please consider about introduction of Be-h for your first step to battle with increasing waste plastic garbage.