Joint to the event sponsored by Dow Chemical inc.


Dow Chemical Japan, a division of the leading biggest chemical company in the world head quartered in USA, sponsored an event project to help healing the damaged Tohoku area after the big earthquake attacked in North East Japan.


We have participated as a manufacturer of waste plastic to oil manufacturer with the Japan plastic industry association in this event.


This event was programmed with an initiative of Dow Chemical aiming to help healing and encourage the people and communities suffered from Eastern Japan earthquake disaster.


Japan has faced with such big earthquakes such as Osaka-Kobe or central Niigata prior to East Japan earthquake and Kumamoto/Oita and Tottori earthquake lately.


Also Japan faces with other natural disasters such as typhoon every year and resulted land avalanches or flood.


There had been so many broken infrastructure caused from such natural disasters with the extraordinary garbage mounted exceeding far more than the normal disposal amount.


If the community had equipment like our plastic to oil converter system against such emergency, it will reduce the amount of plastic waste and the oil produced by the machine can be used for the generator and fuel with oil burner to heat the emergency sheltering facility.


The spread of installation of AED has contributed to the number of increased the number of lives saved from fatal incident.


Same as AED installation, if our small plastic to oil conversion system Be-h were installed in each local community level, it can be used to get the oil to generate electricity in case of such emergent situation.


The event by Dow Chemical had been a good opportunity to have experience to children of schools to think about environment and recycling.

Remembering the damages experienced by the disasters is significantly important for better future.

Plastic industries grown with the effort to make life of human more convenient has developed to lead the environmental concerns thus reached to help the life in case of natural disaster emergency.


The participation in the event was an opportunity to our company to commit ourselves how we can commit ourselves in contributing to emergency life after the disaster occurred.


We will keep reporting our followed activity to participate in such event to let people know about the environment management and emergency management.