How to make recycling of waste plastic efficient



What do you think is most important to make effective recycling or reuse of waste plastics?

The technology advance of equipment like our plastic to oil converting is important but the most important thing is the segregation of plastics by their material substance.

Separation by material at each household is the most critical and effective way to make cleaner environment.

As you can see the system of recycling the PET drinking bottles by separating the bottle from cap and label which is the must before collection of waste. By segregating, it becomes possible to be recycled into new PET fiber or resin products.

In order to make PP and PE, widely used material in modern life, converted into oil effectively this segregation is the most important process to reduce extra residues or emission of gas having higher yield of oil.

As the PET bottle collection, such segregation is already established as a matter of course in most advanced countries, but how about other caps and label material

What is the situation of garbage segregation in the country or in the community where you live?

It was said that among European countries, Switzerland is most advanced in the method of recycling and Germany is ranked as the second.

Those countries having problems with waste plastic may lack the system of their garbage segregation in the collecting system rather than having the technical advanced  equipment or not.

In those countries or communities where our plastic to waste converting machine introduced, such mentality or social common sense of segregation were not enough established.

In order to make the importance of segregation well understood we have been offering the class of environment managing by using our demonstration machine to local elementary schools or community to let children understand.

Once children learn the importance of segregation of garbage, such knowledge will become a culture and tradition as a legacy to future generations.

Not only plastic but in any material segregation will make effective recycling in any field.

With the advance of human life it is impossible to make plastic waste garbage nil.

Thinking of less garbage society and recycling or reuse will progress the way to reduce less stress to the environment.

The segregation of material is the base to change the garbage into a resource to be recycled into new material.  Don’t miss the opportunity to change your wastes into a resource.

If your country or community has no social custom of segregation, please let us give help.

We can guide to create the segregation custom by showing with our demonstration Be-h plastic to oil converter that actually plastic wastes can be fuel for lighting the environment problem darkness.

Once such social custom to fight plastic wastes established you might have more advanced technical assistance through our waste plastic to oil converter with highest yield to save limited oil resource.