Opportunity of future system of waste plastic converter


What will be the change and the opportunity of waste plastic conversion system in the future?
Being engaged in the business of system engineering of waste plastic to oil converter like us, the question is always the challenging question everyday to imagine brighter future.

When we made a class study in schools showing how waste plastic can be recycled into oil, through the reaction from students with ideas and opinions, we could learn more through children’s thought.
Among those ideas the most challenging ideas were:
Increase the material plastic varieties to make oil.
Increase the yield of oil leaving the system size of machine small as Be-h.
Changing the life style with the recycling and reuse of waste plastic into oil.

What kind of ideas or discussions are made to address the environmental issues in your country, community or in company, especially about the waste plastics disposal?
In Japan, with hosting the Olympic Games in Tokyo, a rapid economical growth accompanied with various environmental problem was seen 50 years ago.

We hope to contribute to Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 with environment free from pollution and waste.
In order to realize the challenge, Tokyo must be the most advanced city in the world which is equipped with the recycling and reuse of plastics as social system.

The goal of the challenge is rather higher than we hope, as a system engineering company of waste plastic converter to oil, we would like to keep broad casting our challenge in environmental issues.

Owing to the participation in various environment exhibitions and events, our Be-h small oil converter has been raising the interests of the people engaged in environment management of governmental and business organizations.

The information on our machines has been widely spread not only among the domestic media but world wide.

If your community, country or company has problems of followings:

Waste plastic disposal is annoying to the environment managements.
The segregation of waste plastic is not enough or not understood well.
It is necessary to install a system to convert waste plastics into oil.
If you are having any of such problem, try our small plastic to oil converter first for experience how it works.

We welcome your inquiries with your specific information of plastic disposal problems.
We hope we can serve you to solve your issue.