Paris Agreement and plastics wastes



Paris Agreement seems to have close relationship with the environmental issues related to waste plastics disposal management.

The agreement is aimed to prevent the climate change of the planet earth and the target figure of reduction of carbon dioxide emission which is major cause of warming effect to each nations signed the agreement.

Though it is understandable that for under developing countries, it is important  to grow their economy and level up the life standard, it is also important that they should learn from the resulted environment destruction experienced by the advanced nations.

The most critical debate is focused on wasting the forest and fossil fuel resource which are major factor for carbon dioxide increase.

We are committed in the category of such fossil fuel related products to offer our plastic waste into oil converter to reduce the side effect of modern life.

Our machine technology converting waste plastic into oil will contribute to reduce the carbon dioxide emission to 1/5 of the current status.

If all plastic waste can be changed into oil by our  machines, the total emission of carbon dioxide will be reduced to 1/5 of current level.

Of course there might be other factors for the cause of carbon dioxide emission, and it will be of highly importance to let the expertise in each genre should concentrate in cooperating to hire the most advanced techniques available.

In Japan we are cooperating with manufacturers of petrochemical products manufacturers in order to make it possible to design and make such plastic to oil machines from desk-top laboratory scale model, Be-h, or bigger size industrial model of NVG 1000.

Important thing is the cooperation of the product manufacturer and waste management related company should cooperate in the direction to make better environment to earth.

As business, profit oriented mind will choose the way of hiring the existing facility manufacture the products without any consideration on carbon dioxide emission as a private company.

We, in Japan, have learned a lot from side effect of the rapid economical and industrial growth that gave the significant health damage to people.

Having such experience, Japan should lead the discussion of conservation of global environment through the debate in Paris Agreement.

What is the situation in your country?

If your government has not enough policy or regulation on such environment protection, it might be possible to start making better life in the community where you live rather than waiting for your government orders later.


You can live today even if your community is littered in river or shore with plastic bottles or land filled cutting forests as if you don’t see them.

Can you leave such environment to your children, grand children or generations after them?

We hope to be of help to give suggestion with our waste plastic to oil converting system.

Tell us what you think about how you address the plastic waste problems.