Solution for energy resource shortages by waste plastic



Reserve of fossil oil and near future exhaustion has been a critical issue for the past few decades and the technology advance of pumping fossil oil may have extended the reservation.

But the consumption of energy source has been rapidly increasing with the growth of economy in so called developing countries, which may affect on the duration of time left until exhaustion.
The advanced countries once experienced the huge energy consumption with environmental destruction should make help or guidance to those growing countries showing possible countermeasure to avoid the global environment crisis.
It may seem to be arrogant for Japan to say about resource and environment protection because Japan has been a large volume energy consumer and importer of resources. 

But Japan has to be the opinion leader to solve the issue because they have experienced consuming a lot and experienced environment crisis.
Blest Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer of recycling machine to make oil from waste plastic succeeded to produce electric power with oil produced by the system they make.
The recycling of PET bottle plastics shredded and recycled into new resin to make fiber will consumes significant power to recycle.

Japanese made plastic products are easier to be recycled but reuse them just cleaning may develop another way to recycle with less power consumption.

How about using them recycling into fuel for electric power generator.

Blest will propose new recycling by offering system to convert waste plastic into oil.
After experiencing the disaster of nuclear power plant accident caused by the earthquake, Japan is looking for variations of supply source of energy.

Possibility in renewable energy source like geothermal, wind power, solar power will take more time to be prevailed.

We would think our system can offer the solution of environmental challenge of plastic waste as well as contributing to alternative energy source.

Combination of our system and renewable natural energy source might contribute
to less carbon dioxide emission as well as cleaner water environment.

Somebody must start to make world cleaner sooner or later.

We would like to lead the recovery of cleaner environment as well as creation of brighter future days for succeeding  in the world.