Blest Co., Lts. is company, who makes plan, development and sales for plastic-to-oil machines, converting plastic waste, PP/PE/PS
such as PET Bottle caps into plastic oil.
This page is specifically made as contact form to us regarding your questions on the specific question other than FAQs.

We receive many inquiries from Europe (Spain, French, United Kingdom, Italian, Romania) and other countries ( Iran, Indonesia, Nigeria, Philippines, Bangladesh, Mexico) concerning the environment problem solving issues or supplementary energy resource issues.

We most appreciate contacts from recycling business or environments management business companies as well as governmental civil departments.

Thank you for your attention and interest in our products.

It is our principle to respond each inquiry in the order of the received time during our business hours (9:00-17:00 Japan standard time) except weekend days(Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays. Though we try our best to respond as quickly as possible, we may not be able to answer some inquiries without such information as below:

1. Which nation are you from?
2. What type of business are you engaged in?
3. Why our products raised your attention to your business?

We hope your understanding and expect you to let us understand more about your company (organization).


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