Our services are offering the designing, developing and sales of the advanced machinery system of recycling plastic waste to oil aiming to eliminate the waste plastics of PP/PE/PS.

Hiring the advanced technology available to Japanese made equipment, we offer the light weight and compact body machinery easy to set up on site where the waste plastics are collected and treated.

Our system concept has been well accepted in EU countries (Spain, French, United Kingdom, Italian, Romania) as well as those countries (Iran, Indonesia, Nigeria, Philippines, Bangladesh, Mexico) having challenges of increasing amount of waste plastics.

Also one of UN Organization, UN University has introduced our system in their Website and the video clips on UN University site and YouTube which lead to unexpected reactions with more inquiries throughout the world.
Our portable desk-top machinery Be-h has a reputation as a good educational tool to let children understand the importance of environment and waste recycle by exhibiting how plastics can be converted into oil.
Also we made presentation in UNEP work shop held at the Industrial General Research Institute of Japan.

Do not hesitate to contact us those who might be interested in recycling of plastics on our systems without fail. We welcome your inquiry from who are engaged in waste recycle business or corporate environmental management section as well as local governmental environment management department.

We offer the solution for environmental issues lessening the plastic garbage and changing into oil to make the earth more ecological.

Waste Plastic Oiling System

Batch Type


Capacity:Max 1kg/Time

Small-Scale Continuous Waste Plastic Oiling System

Capacity:Approx. 200kg/24h

Big -Scale Continuous Waste Plastic Oiling System


Capacity:Approx. 2000kg/24h


Refiner Machine for Hydrocarbon Oil

Refiner 「BOR」
Capacity:Approx. 20L or 50L/Batch Type